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Study: Nordic Private Equity portfolio companies

Improving operating profit through international expansion?

After years from doing business and living in developing and emerging markets, we asked ourselves; “Do the portfolio companies really get leverage of their internal expansion and why is the presence of Nordic SME’s relatively low on developing/emerging markets?” Considering the size of the business opportunities on many developing and emerging markets, the attention and presence should be much higher. At the…read more


Insight: It is all about Value Creation

How much value can your business create in a global context?

The term Value and Value Creation is frequently mentioned in the discussions of business strategy or when a potential investment opportunity is evaluated. But what is the exact meaning of value in a business context? Our view is that value is created in a chain of players, extending from suppliers of resources to firms, through firms, to buyers of products and services from firms. Value is created by a business operating together with its… read more


Insight: Tulips or Kimchi?

An obvious choice, or …?

It is Friday afternoon and a really good working week is on it’s way to end. You are in a good mood since you have managed to sign a couple of large deals this week. A good feeling that you would like to bring home! Why not surprise the family with something? Instantly you come to think of bringing home flowers. Why not tulips? Tulips have been really appreciated. Especially this time of the year! Suddenly you feel very traditional and not… read more

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