Nordic Business Values

There is no common definition of Nordic business values. However, values that are applied by Nordic businesses sticks out and differentiates in a global business society. Values are developed over time and they are very much affected by history and common beliefs. Recently, the Nordic model has been highlighted and acknowledged in various forums and medias (e.g. Easy Doing Business Index, Transparency Index, Prosperity Index and the Economist) just because it sticks out in comparison to other models applied in the world.

At Wetter & Company, we have taken the liberty to summarize and define our interpretation and view of the Nordic Business values. Values that do not only guide us, but also Nordic businesses in a more globalized society.

  • Industrial – we have a long-term view on value creation – far beyond ownership horizon. We build long term relationships with our customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders.
  • High ethics – we are respectful and we believe in integrity and transparency. We have respect for each other.
  • Dedicated and ambitious – we adhere to the highest professional standards in everything we do. We want to attract and develop talents from different backgrounds.
  • Entrepreneurial – we are innovative and we have global mindset. We are action oriented and we have a sense of urgency about driving change.
  • Informal – we are non-hierarchical and transparent. Everyone is encouraged and expected to speak their mind.
  • Equality – we believe in modern non-hierarchical relations. People and companies grow with responsibility and we have high belief on individuals, no matter of gender, nationality and background.
  • Share the future – we have an openness and involvement in the “global village”. We believe in sustainability and we also believe in serving a higher purpose and continuously contribute to a better world.
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