Strategy & Growth

Strategy is about where and how to compete!

At Wetter & Company, we see strategy as a guide rather than a plan. The strategy motivates and defines how the firms’ allocated resources create value and a how the firm gets a competitive advantage relative to its competitors.

We believe in business strategies with the objective to define and execute strategies where value opportunities are identified and realized from our client’s perspective.

We support our clients in shaping strategies but also in the execution where the strategy is usually translated to a set of strategic themes and change programs. We also support in the project management and hands-on support to realize these programs.

Example of services and assignments:

  • Value Creating Strategy Formulation and Execution – when a business needs to redefine it’s direction, we support in defining where and how the business can realize business value in a global context. The Value Creating Strategy defines how the firm is operating the business today and the current competitive position. Most importantly, the Value Creating Strategy defines and prioritizes the potential for operational improvements. The most crucial and challenging part of the Value Creating Strategy is to discover new value curves that differentiate and moves the firm to a new competitive position. These types of assignments also include definition and execution of value creating strategic themes.
  • Market Selection Analysis – when growing a business to new markets we support in data gathering, analysis and prioritization of new markets. The key is to have a global mindset and analyze a number of variables based on the question; “where do you get the highest leverage on your investments, resources, capabilities, products and services”? The analysis comprehends an analysis of a number of variables that will define the markets attractiveness and the ease of entry from our customers’ perspective.
  • Market Analysis – when markets for growth are selected, more detailed information for each prioritized new market for further expansion is needed. The objective is to provide our clients with critical decision making input on the feasibility for prioritized markets along with recommendations for the market entry strategy. The analysis comprehends an analysis of key market characteristics and trends, the competitive situation and the business potential as well as an analysis of different establishment models for each specific market.
  • Add-on Acquisition Support – when the growth path will be further accelerated through add-on acquisitions in specific segments and markets, we support in the research and evaluation of potential acquisition targets from a commercial point of view. In some cases we also support in the first initial contact with the potential acquisition targets. We also support in the evaluation and selection of Due Diligence partners on local markets for acquisition and execution support.
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