Core Values - why we are different

Businesses and doing business is more global than ever before. New technology, less restricted trade barriers, development of democratic states are only a few factors that have led to an improving transparency, easy access of information and increasing number of people with buying power. A development that is constantly changing the competitive landscape for all industries.

As a Nordic Strategy and Management Consulting boutique, we truly believe that it is crucial to be flexible and agile in order to support our customers in their continuous development and expansion of their businesses. We ground ourselves in our customer’s specific situation and align our actions with theirs. This ensures shared ambitions and result in delivery.

Our internal values make Wetter & Company special. Core values that guide us in our day to day operation:

  • Value, value – when we get the question “what does it cost to get your support”. We ask ourselves and our potential clients “How much value can we create together and how much is our contribution worth”? We believe in a flexible approach and we are positive to take risks. Our end goal is to create value together with our clients.
  • Collaboration instead of full service provider – we believe that all our customers’ situations and future ambitions are unique. As a boutique, we do not have all the resources and capabilities needed for every situation that our customers are demanding. We therefore collaborate with other colleagues within our industry and other subject matter experts. We are flexible, we understand our limitations and we ensure the highest quality in delivery. We also have the integrity to say no to assignments that we cannot deliver.
  • On the ground experience from foreign markets and diversified industries – the globe is full of experts and specialists. We promote experience from diversified industries and “on the ground experience” (living and doing business abroad) from developing and emerging markets. Why? Because we believe that diversity and a broad range of experiences from new markets leads to value innovations and ideas. Ideas and innovations that will move and develop businesses to uncontested marketplaces and unleash new customer demands. We challenge our customers in their day to day operation and we support our customers to take decisions beyond their comfort zone.
  • Nordic business values and a global mindset – we are a true supporter of the Nordic business values. On a global marketplace, the Nordic business values sticks out and attracts customers and professionals. In all assignments we support our clients to differentiate themselves by being a Nordic business.
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